Imagination is the new Desperation

A Sunday Morning Realization

Some strange voice in me says we should keep ourselves incomplete. That way, I won’t get used to you. It would hurt my mind to get used to the shadow I have felt my entire life. That way you would be the dark side of the moon. That way I would know that my ladder of words stand one hand short of you.


Hiatus ( Unexpected & expected ) ( one & only )

Wow. What wouldn’t i give to be doing this all the time.

But well, I can’t. Got studies. 12th Standard, so its a lot of pressure.

Lets hope for the best, for both my exams and the lovely WordPress Community


Snippets #7 Bliss – Plexius

oh Destiny; please come true.

I just found this bliss,

a paradise where i want to take you


Snippets #6 Impressions – Plexius

they say mirrors are the impressions of ourselves.

maybe that is why I have always resorted to your

eyes. To stop my reflections from chasing me.


Snippets #5 The Sapphire – Plexius

the day ‘sun’ and ‘moon’ ran away to fulfill their destiny,

is the day I found you.

The Sapphire on the ocean floor that you set on flames


Snippets #4 Glances – Plexius

as the night walked in, I had millions of your pictures

lighting up my night sky


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