Imagination is the new Desperation

Snippets #6 Impressions – Plexius

they say mirrors are the impressions of ourselves.

maybe that is why I have always resorted to your

eyes. To stop my reflections from chasing me.


Snippets #5 The Sapphire – Plexius

the day ‘sun’ and ‘moon’ ran away to¬†fulfill¬†their destiny,

is the day I found you.

The Sapphire on the ocean floor that you set on flames


Snippets #4 Glances – Plexius

as the night walked in, I had millions of your pictures

lighting up my night sky


Snippets #3 Realms – Plexius

… and as I come down the stairs of my breath

I want you as an ocean;

an escape from the realm of nightmares …


Snippets #2 …back towards me – Plexius

If not for the sake of the winds teasing your hair,then at least for the glint of your eyes … I urge you; glance back


Snippets #1 Greeting a new Dawn – Phoenix

The dark didn’t bother me, as there, the stars and I could stare at each other. And no time was lost in greeting a new dawn


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