Imagination is the new Desperation

A Peaceful Miracle

When anger leaves you alone,

And her smile shivers your bones,

When peace takes over the throne,

Know that a miracle has happen

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the last light to dawn

It’s hard to think about times preemptively

Wondering what’s going to stay with us and

What’s going to leave; is a mirage

That every time-traveler, gets to witness

I am not ashamed to proclaim the number Continue reading “the last light to dawn”

The shy Tide

Every time he; the Tide, contemplates her;

Looking into her eyes,

he secretly wishes every other soul beside them


So, he could finally meet her; the Firestorm.

But alas, he only waits for an eclipse

To wipe the existence of time

Instead of taking a chance himself.


want to …wander

its a splendid sight.
the fusion of darkness and light
so would be you;
when you’d be the invisible flame
in a dark mist, the moment Continue reading “want to …wander”


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its just a dream …

As the wind, riding winter’s broom, messes up my hair

I look up; with sand dunes in my forehead, to the stars

and imagine what it’d be like, to have you beside me.

Your cold hand and that pleasant smell.

This is just a modest fantasy of mine,

an elusive and mystical tale.

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